Every system that we sell is specially designed to meet you site's specific needs. Unlike the cookie cutter, shopping cart sites that offer little or no assistance with design. We maintain a staff of expert designers that will create the perfect system for your home or place of business.


We maintain a comprehensive list of discount solar supply, licensed and experienced contractors that bid against each other for your installatiion quote. By purchasing you system from us using our low price guaranty and using one of our referred contractors, you'll save thousands of dollars.


With many years in the solar PV industry we pride ourselves at offering the best technical support in the nation. Whether your purchasing a single module off grid system or a multi-megawatt industrial class system, our expert staff will always be here to help.


When you take advantage of our Sunsational offer you'll recieve a free permit submission package custom designed by our third party professional design firm. Your package will include a detailed line diagram, attachment details, plot plan and more for an easier permit application.


Thinking about saving thousands of dollars by installing the bulk of you system yourself ? We've assisted thousands of customers over the past 18 years in performing their own installations When it comes to doing it yourself, we're the nation's DIY solar leader.


Filling out all that paperwork for your utility company's net metering agreement as well as any applicable rebate paperwork can be complicated. We have over 18 years of experience in many different states in completing the neccessary paperwork and can assist you with the process.


At Discount Solar Supply it's your choice. We have hundreds of licensed, experienced installation contractors all over the country that we can refer you to that can provided you with an expert turnkey installation. Or if you would like to save thousands, even tens of thousands of dollar by installing the mounting racks, panels and inverter and lease the final electrical connections for an local electrician, we can assist you with that as well.

The average rate for installation is anywhere between $1.00 and $1.30 a watt. Larger systems are on the lower end of the scale. For example, you could easily save up to $7,500 on a small 6kW system's cost by installing the bulk of your system yourself.

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Our staff are driven to attain the following three goals with each and every one of our clients. The first is that the process of transitioning to solar be easy. The second is that the transition to solar be affordable. And the third and final goal is that your experience with us be enjoyable.

Solar tech support staff

When you purchase a solar system from Discount Solar Supply, you are assigned a personal advocate that is there to support you every step of the way. From purchase to final installation.

Whether your system is being contractor installed or you're performing a DIY installation, your customer service advocate will be there to support you.

Our technical expertise has it's roots in the founding of one of the nation's oldest solar repair center. Unlike many repair centers today that simply perform circuit board swapping,

our technicians perform component level repairs. You'll find this level of experies in each one of our tech support staff. When you have technical questions, we have answers.

Experienced contractor referrals

While most solar dealers provide only a single bid for both materials and installation which forces you into a take or nothing situation. With Discount Solar Supply, you are provided with two bids.

Our materials bid provides you with the protection of our lowest price or its free guaranty and our local contractor referrals allows you to receive competing bid from multiple local contractors. That way you're assured of receiving the lowest possible price on your solar system.