To qualify for our "Sunsational" bonus pack offer you must purchase a 5 kW or larger grid tie solar system and payment for system or systems must be made by check, cash or wire transfer at the website posted sale price. Credit card payments do not qualify for the extra benefits described in our Sunsational bonus pack offer. The Sunsational bonus pack offer does not apply to all systems that are offered on this website. The Sunsational bonus pack offer only applies to systems where indicated on this website. The Sunsational bonus pack offer differs from system to system so please refer to each system's Sunsational bonus pack offer as it is described on this website. Dealer pricing and special pricing that differs from our posted "sale pricing" and clearance priced systems do not qualify for this offer.


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Please Note: Our Sunsational Bonus Pack Offers are provided only to check or cash paying customers that complete the purchase 5kW or larger grid tie systems. Customers that pay for their system with check or cash who take possession of the Sunsational Bonus Pack free offering and then subsequently cancels their order will be charged a fee equal to the actual cost the the particular Sunsational Bonus Pack offering. This fee will then be debited from the cancelled order's refund amount.

For example, if a customer pays by check or cash and then receives a residential permit package that costs Discount Solar Supply $400.00, and then cancels his or her order, then a fee of $400.00 will be subtracted from the amount refunded to the customer.