Tell A Friend Solar

$250.00 Referral Fee !

What could be better than helping a friend or neighbor to go green while saving thousands on a big brand name high performance solar system while getting paid $250.00 when they buy one of our incredibly priced, investment grade, grid tie solar systems ?

How about telling multiple friends and neighbors and getting paid $250.00 for every one of your friends or neighbors who buys our incredibly priced grid tie solar systems !

You may find a companies that offer a larger referral fee but remember most if not all of those companies charge up to twice as much for their systems when compared to our pricing.



Step Number 1. Contact us and register as one of our "Tell A Friend Solar" team members.

Step Number 2. Give us the names of anyone you plan to refer to us for the possible purchase of a grid tie solar system and wait until you've received a confirmation email from us.

The confirmation email that you will receive will indicate that you have officially been registered into our program and will also contain the names of the individuals that you are referring. Any additional names that you subsequently refer shall result in the generation of a new confirmation email. 

Step Number 3. Simply ask the individuals that you are referring to contact us and we will provide each of them with a quote on one of our incredibly priced high performance, grid tie solar systems. Our prices are posted on our websites so everyone receives the same posted low prices. We will never pad our prices to cover your referral fee.

Step Number 4. Once your referral has paid for their system in full and the system has been installed, simply present your confirmation email and we will send you a check for $250.00 for each referral..... Simple.







Program Rules: Only, grid tie system sales of 4 kilowatts (4,000 watts) or larger that are priced at our posted Sale Price After Limited Time SolarGreenBacks qualify for this program. Only new customer referrals qualify for this program. Customers who have already placed deposits or who have already paid in full do not qualify as a referral. Customers who have previously contacted Discount Solar Supply for a quotation and/or customers who have placed a deposit or have paid in full and then cancelled their order for any reason also do not qualify as a referral. In cases where duplicate referrals are submitted, only the "Tell A Friend Solar" registrant that submitted the referral first, shall qualify for the $250.00 referral fee. Submission priority shall be determined by the "sent" date and time indicated on the confirmation email mentioned above. Only one $250.00 referral fee shall be paid for each referred system sale. The maximum referral fee shall be $250.00 per referred sale and shall be paid in the form of a check in the name indicated in writing by the "Tell A Friend Solar" program registrant. Referred customers must purchase and install a grid tie system within 6 months of being referred to us in order to qualify for this program. As required by law, all recipients of a referral check shall complete an IRS form 1099 for the total referral fee received. This is a limited time offer and may end without notice. Dealers participating in our dealer program do not qualify for this offer. Any and all state and federal laws which conflict with these program rules shall take precedence. IMPORTANT!: You must present a copy of your "Tell A Friend Solar" confirmation email at the time that you request your "Tell A Friend Solar" check so please keep a copy of your confirmation email as proof of having referred a customer and registering in our "Tell A Friend" referral program.


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