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Solar Telemarketers

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Earn $250.00 For Every Friend That You Refer, Who Buys One Of Our Incredibly Priced, High Performance, 4kW Or Larger, Investment Grade, Grid Tie Solar Systems !

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The 30% Solar Power Expires Soon !

Solar Tax Credit

If you've been thinking about eliminating your electric bill with a grid tie solar system for your home or business, it's now time to celebrate !

 That's an incredible 30% with no cap for residential and commercial installations !



A Solar System May Actually Increase Your Home's Resale Value

According to a recent study by ICF Consulting (funded by HUD and the EPA) energy saving measures such as solar can add $20 of home value for every $1 of yearly energy cost savings.



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Why Do We Post Our System Prices While Our Competitors Simply Refuse To ?

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Some Of The Longest Warranties In The Industry

While some brands only offer a 20 or less warranty. The solar panels that are used in these Discount Solar Supply come with a 25 year manufacturer's warranty. These SMA power optimizers come with a 25 year factory warranty, which are among the longest warranties in the industry.


Before You Buy !

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If You're Not Getting At Least A 90% PTC To STC Ratio Out Of That Other Dealer's Solar Modules And You're Not Getting A Reduced Price, Then You're Probably Short Changing Yourself.

These U.S. Made Auxin Solar Panels Offer A High 91.70% PTC To STC Ratio For Better Per Watt, Real World PTC Performance.



Auxin's state-of-the-art engineering and module production ensures that they have one of the tightest power tolerances in the industry (+/- 3%). Their modules frequently outperform their production estimates due in part to reducing losses from module mismatching. In their factory, modules with matching characteristics are paired together so that the actual power value per pair actually exceeds the nominal output power for each carton.

The Tighter The Tolerance The Better Your Assurance Of Getting The Power You Paid For.

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These solar panels use solar cells that have been cut from solid ingots of silicon

When shopping for solar panels, always insist on solar panels that use solar cells that have been cut from a solid silicon ingot.

Many of the solar panels that are on the market that use solar cells that are not cut from solid silicon ingots may offer far lower efficiencies, poorer tolerances or lesser warranties.

Casted Silicon Solar Ingots



Simply Better Components

In an effort to be more competitive, many dealers have resorted to offering thin light duty mounting rails that require many more roof penetrations, solar panels with poorer per Watt PTC ratings and lesser warranties and or solar panels that use cells that are not cut from a solid ingot of silicon.
Here at
Discount Solar Supply we never skimp on quality. Every system that we sell includes only the very best heavy duty components available on today's market.
And that's not just talk. In a side by side comparison we'll prove why our name brand top of the line equipment outperforms the competition hands down at a price that can't be beat.


Your Solar Investment Is Only As Secure As The Mounting System That You Choose.

That's Why We Chose IronRidge Mounting Solutions For Our High Performance Solar Systems.

High Strength Aluminum And Stainless Steel




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Unmatched Service

  • Our experienced staff will help you choose the right system.

  • We'll also help you fill out the State's paperwork.

  •  Use our referral list of experienced, licensed contractors licensed electricians to professionally install your system or hire your own preferred installer. The choice is yours.++

  • Our factory authorized service center will be here
    if you ever need our services.



We're Here To Help

We understand that solar energy may be new for you and that you may have many questions regarding your purchase, that's ok, you'll find that our staff is not only knowledgeable and friendly but actually enthusiastic about helping a customer with a new installation. All of us Here at Discount Solar Supply believes firmly in a clean renewable " Solar Electric Future " and anything that we can do to make that future a reality is our mission.


Download the Sunnyboy SB3000TL-US through SB7700TL-US spec sheet

Download the high efficiency mono crystalline Auxin AXN6M612T336 spec sheet

Download the IronRidge Tile Mounting Systems Spec Sheet

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Attention !

If you've received a quote from Home Depot®, any SunPower® dealer or from any dealer for that matter, bring it to us and we'll beat it hands down !

In fact in most cases we can save you thousands of dollars. Not only will we beat their price but you'll receive top of the line, name brand product and the service and support that you deserve !*





Solar Panels Made In The U.S.A.



3.74 To 13.60 DC kW Peak, Solar Power Systems



We're so confident that we offer the finest solar systems available at the best price, that we'll beat any nationally advertised price on this same, in stock, top of the line, big name brand solar system.



U.S. Made Sentinel Series Solar Systems



SMA America Solar Secure Power Supply

These Systems Will Produce Up To 2,000 Watts Of Emergency Power During A Power Outage In Full Sunlight!

Other Systems Will Simply Turn Themselves Off During A power Outage Even When The Sun Is Shining






3.740 STC kW



Regularly Priced At

On Sale

4.760 STC kW



Regularly Priced At

On Sale

5.780 STC kW



Regularly Priced At

On Sale

6.800 STC kW



Regularly Priced At

On Sale

9.520 STC kW



Regularly Priced At

On Sale

12.240 STC kW



Regularly Priced At

On Sale

13.600 STC kW



Regularly Priced At

On Sale

The Sentinel Series Systems Includes All Of The Following :

U.S. Made Auxin AXN6M612T340 340 Watt Black Framed Mono Crystalline High Performance Solar Panel With A 25 Year Linear Warranty.

 The Top Of The Line, Sunny Boy Heavy Duty Inverters With SPS (Secure Power Supply) For Up To 2,000 Watts Worth Of Emergency Power Without The Need For Batteries During Daylight Hours And Display.

Your Choice Qty. 1 Set High Quality U.S. Made IronRidge Solar Mounting System.
Extender Cable With MC4 Connectors.

Lay In Grounding Lugs.

Qty. 1 Electrical Diagram.

Includes a 25 year SMA PowerBox module optimizer warranty and 25 year Auxin Linear solar panel warranty.

Our Low Prices Are Before Any State Or Utility Rebate Or The Federal Tax Credit!


Call toll free at 1-844-359-5955 for further information concerning this system.



Ask Your Sales Representative How You Can Qualify For The Following Free, "Sunsational" Bonus Pack Offer !

Free System & Roof Layout Design Assistance !

And finally as part of our "Sunsational" Bonus Pack offer, unlike the cookie cutter solar kits offered by many of our competitors, we'll provide you with free assistance with customizing your system's design and roof layout.


Free Lifetime Telephone Technical Support Assistance !

Free Solar Tech Support

Also as part of our "Sunsational" Bonus Pack offer, you'll also receive free lifetime telephone tech support from one of the oldest names in the industry.




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Ask Your Sales Representative How You Can Qualify For The Following Free, "Sunsational" Bonus Offer !



While the other dealers might provide you with only a schematic or a single line diagram or in most cases, nothing at all, take advantage of our limited time "Sunsational" Bonus Pack offer and on these 5 kW or larger systems, you'll receive a commercially prepared Residential Permit Package that includes a detailed cover sheet, formal site plan, formal roof layout, attachment details, single line diagram and a detailed three line electrical diagram that will make your permitting process so much easier, a $600.00 Value !++++

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RATIO. (Higher is better)




Tesla® SR23S3-2





Suniva® OPT340-73-4-100





SolarWorld® SW340XL





Auxin® AXN6M612T336






Call toll free at 1-844-359-5955 for further information concerning this system.



Secure Power Supply

2,000 Watts Of Power For Laptops, Charging Cells Phone, Lights, Radio And Other Electronic Devices.





Solar Rebates And Incentives


Click On This Map To See Your State's Solar Financial Incentives.







Call toll free at 1-844-359-5955 for further information concerning this system.





Coal Power Plant



Click below for a quick, no obligation, no pressure, high
tech solar quote without the inconvenience of a salesperson in your home.

Bring Us Your Best Quote On The Same Solar System And We'll Beat That Quote Hands Down.

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We Challenge Anyone To Find A Higher Performance, Higher Quality, Better Priced Solar System From Any Dealer In The Country.

Compare These Premium, Solar Systems To Many Of Our Competitor's Offerings And You'll Find That We Offer:


U.S. made top of the line name brand Auxin solar panels.

Very high 91.70% PTC Performance Ratio.

Much higher efficiency Mono Crystalline technology.

Solar cells that are cut from a solid ingot of silicon.

Black Anodized Aluminum Frame

No Lower Efficiency UMG Solar Cells.

A better negative tolerance rating.

IronRidge high strength mounting system.

No low efficiency thin film or thin cells in our solar panels.

No toxic cadmium in these Auxin solar panels.

And a much, much lower price than the competition.





A Name You Can Trust





Only The Finest Available Products

Ask any alternative energy engineer, installer or dealer and they'll all tell you the same thing. With more than three gigawatts (3 billion watts) worth of Sunny Boy inverters sold and operating worldwide "The Sunny Boy inverter's proven technology makes this unit one of the best grid intertie inverters available on today's market." Like a fine German crafted sports car, Sunny Boy Inverters are engineered and built in Germany, the hotbed of the worlds finest renewable energy technology. We've taken Sunny Boy's unbeatable German craftsmanship and reliability a step further by adding one of the world's highest performance solar panels available.

When it comes to purchasing a solar system for your home or business it is crucial that you take a very close look at the solar panels that the dealer is offering you. After all, solar panels are the workhorse of any solar system. Far too many consumers simply purchase what ever it is that a dealer happens to have available without even looking at a specification sheet. Performance that is lacking by just a few percentage points or an inferior warranty can make all the difference in the world over the expected life of a solar panel.

With more than ten years of experience operating our own state of the art, in-house solar repair center, we know what technologies perform well in the real world and what technologies do not.

 This is why it is important that you choose a solar panel manufacturer that is well established in the industry and has the financial strength to be there if the need arises. This is exactly why we chose Auxin Solar for our Sentinel series solar systems.

Thin might be in when it comes to waistlines and the latest HDTV sets but when it comes to securing the bulk of your investment to the roof of your home you want the strongest mounting system made out of the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum that money can buy. The engineers at IronRidge understand this premise and we do too so we've added the finest rail-less mounting system available today. IronRidge Solar Mounting Systems are unsurpassed in quality and durability, rated to withstand up to a 150 mile per hour wind speeds, IronRidge mounting systems are engineered to last a lifetime.

Finally we top off our systems with the best price that you'll find anywhere. In fact, we're so sure that ours is the best deal available, that we'll beat any nationally advertised price on our same, in stock, top of the line systems or your system is free.


Unlike other dealers that will sell you a barebones system, our premium quality kits include everything you see listed above.




Your Ground Mount Solar Specialist










Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicle

If you've been considering a grid tie solar system for your home or business, and you've been eyeing one of those slick new plug in hybrid or pure electric vehicles that are are just around the corner or the idea of driving around on free fuel for life sounds appealing, well then it's now time to celebrate ! After nearly a year of debates and nine previous attempts, Congress finally approved a bill that not only extends the Federal 30% tax credit for solar but also removes the $2,000.00 cap that existed on the previous residential tax credit. That's an incredible 30% with no cap for residential and commercial installations !

And if that isn't great enough news, how about a $7,500.00 Federal tax credit on the purchase of a brand new plug in hybrid or pure electric vehicle !





Electric Meter


With the cost of electricity going through the roof, it is now time to start thinking about your energy budget as a whole.

You can't make your own gasoline and you can't make your own natural gas, but now you CAN make your own electricity. And the best part about it is that the fuel to make own electricity falls from the sky everyday for free. 

Thousands of utility customers throughout the U.S., who were tired of the high cost of electricity have taken advantage of the huge rebates and tax credits which are available for the installation of solar energy systems on their homes and businesses.

For example, the Federal Government is offering a 30% tax credit with absolutely no cap residential and commercial applications. And unlike like the old solar energy systems of yesteryear that only produced hot water, these new systems actually produce electricity ! Clean reliable electricity to power air conditioning, lights, TVs, pumps, refrigerators, computers, virtually any appliance with free energy from the Sun.

The staff Here at Discount Solar Supply are experts in the design and implementation of systems that qualify for many State rebate programs. We offer free assistance in the design of your system and can even assist you with the submission of your application to your State.

Depending on the size system you choose and the number of loads you have running during the day, it is actually possible watch the power company's meter run backwards.





SMA And Auxin Solar Are American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Approved


"The single most important criteria when choosing a solar panel is not price nor is it performance. It's the financial strength of the manufacturer behind the solar panel's guarantee."

Thousands of U.S. consumers will make the same mistake this Summer that so many have made in the past of trying to save a few pennies per Watt by buying non name brand solar panels without ever looking into the manufacturer's history or even its current financial status.

Click Here to learn more about warranties


A Solar Electric System May Actually Increase Your Home's Value

A study by ICF Consulting which was funded by the Housing and Urban Development Department and the EPA concluded that energy saving measures such as solar can add $20.00 of home value for every $1.00 in yearly energy cost savings.

Click here to view a reprint of ICF Consulting's report titled : Evidence Of Rational Market Valuations For Home Energy Efficiency. Where the $20.00 increase for every $1.00 in yearly energy costs savings is explained.

The Auxin Sentinel Series of Grid Intertie systems are perfect for reducing your monthly electric bill. No batteries are needed because this system utilizes a grid intertie power conditioning unit. You'll actually become a mini power company selling power back to your utility company while the sun is shining. If your power production exceeds your power consumption, depending on the type of meter you have you will be able to actually watch your meter run backwards, what a sight !


Call toll free at 1-844-359-5955 for further information concerning this system.



Spider-Rax Rail-less Solar Racking


Many states as well as local municipalities permit the home owner to perform a self installation of this system as long as the system is installed according to current NEC electrical codes. Although this may be permitted, Discount Solar Supply highly recommends that the installation of this system be performed only by a licensed electrician.

Installation of the above listed system exposes the installer to voltages and currents that are considered lethal and can cause injury or even death if not installed properly. The decision to self install any part of this system is entirely up to the consumer's discretion. Discount Solar Supply assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, consequential or incidental, which might arise out of the installation or use of any of these products. Self installation of any of the above listed products shall be entirely at the user's risk.

Only one system per household at these discount prices. No layaways or rain checks permitted. Sale may end without notice.

This is a limited time offer. No layaways or rain checks. Only one system per household, person or business at this specially discounted price. Sorry no exceptions.

System only includes the items that are listed above. System does not include lag bolts, bare copper grounding wire or AC circuit breakers.
These inexpensive items will differ from installation to installation and should be supplied by the installation contractor once he or she has determined your specific requirements based on the assessment of your site.

*The above system price does not include sales tax or installation.
If you live in California then sales tax will apply to the base price. The average installation rate for the above system is approximately $1.00 to $2.00 per Watt. This installation estimate does not included permit fees or unusual engineering requirements. Tax credit amounts are approximations. Please see your tax preparer to make sure that you qualify for this tax credit in the manner in which it has been presented here. Shipping is extra.

**(Your rebate amount if any may vary depending on expected system performance and will be calculated based on equipment ratings and installation factors, such as geographic location, solar module tilt angle and azimuth angle and shading.) Please note that many states and or utilities will use the the AC rating of the your system's equipment and not the DC rating of your system's equipment when determining the amount of your rebate. The AC rating of your equipment is typically calculated by multiplying the PTC rated output of your solar panels by the number of solar panels multiplied by the CEC weighted efficiency of your inverter, multiplied by your system's design factor which is based on module tilt angle, azimuth angle, shading and geographic location, multiplied by the current per AC watt rebate amount. Please contact your state or utility company to determine equipment ratings and exactly how your rebate will be calculated and what your rebate amount will be. In the event that you have paid Discount Solar Supply a deposit or have paid in full for the purchase of a grid tie solar system and you are unable to secure an approval on your rebate reservation from your state or utility company’s rebate administrator, we hereby agree to issue you a full refund of your deposit or a full refund of the full payment that you made to us toward the purchase of your solar system so long as the product has not been shipped to you. In the event that you have paid in full and your solar system’s components have already been shipped to you and you are unable to secure an approval of your rebate reservation from your utility company’s rebate administrator, Discount Solar Supply hereby agrees to issue you a full refund of the full payment minus shipping costs, upon the return of the solar system’s unused, undamaged equipment so long as said equipment is returned to our warehouse within 30 days of its delivery to your site. Please note that as a courtesy, Discount Solar Supply offers free assistance to its customers in filling out their rebate applications but assumes no liability or responsibility for securing a rebate for you nor any liability or responsibility for securing any specific rebate amount. For this reason Discount Solar Supply highly recommends that you wait until you have received your rebate reservation confirmation before taking delivery of your solar system’s components. If you have paid in full for your solar system and have not yet received an approval for your rebate reservation, Discount Solar Supply will store your solar system for you at no charge until you have received your rebate reservation approval.

***Peak sunshine is defined as sunshine which is available during clear sky conditions between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM. The 5 to 6 hour peak sunshine energy production examples depicted above are meant for reference purposes only, and are typical only for certain areas of Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. Your site's number of peak sunshine hours and thus your system's performance will vary depending on factors such as, geographic location, the angle at which your solar panels are tilted, time of year, degree of annual cloud cover, pollutants in the air, dirt and guano (bird droppings) build up on the solar modules, time of day, solar module age, obstacles to sunlight such as trees and buildings, and the direction that the solar modules are pointed at.

**** Your home value increase results if any, may vary significantly from this example. To determine the actual amount that your home might appreciate after installing this solar electric system, please consult a licensed appraiser. Information concerning ICF's findings is being presented for informational purposes only. The decision as to whether or not to include these finding when calculating any return on investment or payback time is solely up to the consumer. Discount Solar Supply is not in the business of accessing home values and hereby makes no claim whatsoever regarding the accuracy or validity of the ICF report.

*****Illustrations may not be to exact scale or shape. Illustrations depicting competing products are not representative of any particular manufacturer's brand or model. The photos that are depicted above, if any, are of large ground mount, multi-megawatt solar installations and are not meant to illustrate the specific products that are included in this particular system. The products that are included in the system are listed above under the heading: "The xxxx System Includes All Of The Following:"

++Discount Solar Supply maintains a nationwide list of contractors/installers that may be provided to our customers upon request solely as a convenience. Discount Solar Supply is not a contractor and as such we do not sub-contract installation services to anyone. In addition we do not make contractor/installer recommendations. And as always, we highly recommend that you always verify that any contractor or installer that you are considering possesses the necessary licensing, certification, bonding and insurance. In addition, always check references before signing any contact. The decision to use any contractor/installer on this list is entirely at your own risk. Should you decide to use any contractor/installer from this list, you hereby agree that Discount Solar Supply under no circumstance shall be held liable for the following: (1) third-party claims against you for damages; (2) loss of, or damage to, your person or property; or (3) economic consequential damages (including lost profits, savings or interest paid) or incidental damages even if we are informed of their possibility.

The trademarks named in this website are the property of their respective owners and have no relation to Discount Solar Supply

Unless you are purchasing a battery back up grid tie solar system that includes batteries and a specially designed grid tie battery back up inverter and have connected that system to a subpanel that is isolated from your site's main electrical panel, then as required by law, this solar system as well as the majority of solar systems that are offered on this website will deactivate in the event of a power failure whether or not the sun is shining. The vast majority of grid tie solar systems that are sold in the U.S. are designed to operate in this way. If you require backup power during a power failure then please ask your sales representative to quote you on a solar system that includes batteries and an inverter has been specifically designed to provide backup power during a power outage. 

The financial incentives that are presented here are for informational purposes only and may change or be eliminated by the government or utility or other entity without notice at any time. Discount Solar Supply makes no representation as to the accuracy of the financial incentives that are presented here and highly recommends that the consumer contact the entity that is offering these financial incentives to confirm their availability before making a purchase.

++++Most municipalities do not require a "wet stamp" (engineer's stamp) on solar system permit applications but there are some that do. Please note that the above described residential permit package does not include a "wet stamp" (engineer's stamp). If your municipality requires a stamp, you may purchase a stamp for an additional fee.

The amount of backside power boost from these bifacial (double sided) solar panels depends on the reflectivity of the roof's or ground's surface. Lighter colored surfaces will reflect more light on to the backside of these modules and will create more boost. Darker colored surfaces will reflect less light on to the back side of these modules and will create less boost. Discount Solar Supply makes no claim as to the amount of energy boost may your roof's surface may supply. 

Please note: An Ethernet cable connection from your existing router to the SMA inverter or wireless Zigby transmitter/receiver units from your existing router to the SMA inverter must be installed, and always on internet service must be available for remote Internet monitoring to operate. The cost of an Ethernet cable connection from your existing router to the SMA inverter or the cost of wireless Zigby transmitter/receiver units from your existing router to the SMA inverter and the cost of Internet access is not included in our pricing.

Please see your installation contractor for the cost of installing either an Ethernet cable connection from your existing router to the SMA inverter or the cost of wireless Zigby transmitter/receiver units from your existing router to the SMA inverter. Please see your Internet provider for the cost of Internet access.

Prices subject to change without notice.



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