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Why Don't Our Competitors Post Their Prices And Product Specifications ?


Imagine walking onto a car dealer's lot where none of the cars had prices posted on them and the salesperson could pull what ever price sheet that he or she wanted out of their desk drawer.

Sounds pretty scary but isn't that exactly what you're doing when you invite a salesperson over to your home to provide you with a price quote. If you live in a nice neighborhood, have a nice home or drive a nice car, with an unethical dealer, you stand the risk of being quoted more than someone else for the same product or service. Sure it's unethical and possibly illegal but the fact is, it happens everyday.

If you've shopped for a solar system on the Internet for any length of time, you've probably noticed that many of the dealers that offer installations will never post pricing. They'll talk about the benefits of solar or the huge rebates and tax credits or the $2.00 a month electric bills which is all well and good but they simply will not mention pricing.

You may have also noticed that the very first thing that most of these dealers will ask you to do is fill out a contact form so you can receive a "free in home evaluation". This contact form will many times be located on the very first page of their website and will typically ask you for your name, address, your spouses name, your work phone, your evening phone, your cell phone, your blood type (just kidding !)

This is a common practice in many high dollar industries and especially true when dealers are charging far more than their competitors for their products or services.

In our opinion, sending someone out to your home at the beginning of the process is more than pre-mature and you can pretty much bet that the person that will visit you is not there to simply assess your home but rather to close the sale on their product.

You can also bet that a company that's trying to sell an overpriced product will not simply send a friendly technicians out to look at your roof and then call it a day. They're going to send the best salesman that money can buy that's going to use every high pressure sales tactic in the book to get you to sign on the dotted line.

Have you ever walked into a car dealer with the intent of "just looking" only to drive out with a new car, then suffer from buyers remorse because you never shopped for better price or a better car at another dealer ?

The truth is that determining the right solar system for your home is not rocket science and with the advent of satellite imagery, string sizing calculators, solar insolation maps, and just simple math, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why a salesman would need to come to your home.

Everything including a price quote can be discussed in a few minutes over the phone, all without pressure. The only time someone would need to come to your home to perform an evaluation is after you have been provided with an acceptable price quote and you’ve made your decision to proceed.

At Discount Solar Supply we don't use high pressure sales tactics. You simply tell us how much of your electric bill you would like to eliminate and we'll direct you to the appropriate system on our website where we post our prices for everyone to see long before we send anyone out to your home. We even post typical per Watt installation costs. It's that simple.

Our prices are typically thousands of dollars less than the competition for Simply Better Components and we will never make you set up an appointment with us to simply provide you with a price quote.

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Here's A Prime Example Why You Should Receive A Solar Quote Over The Phone Or Via Email Before Inviting A Salesperson Into Your Home.





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