Most consumers base their solar system shopping comparisons solely on a system's price per Watt without comparing what they're getting for their money.

A complete grid tie system can mean one thing to one dealer and something completely different to another. It's not that some dealer are being deceptive. It simply a matter of definition.

So when comparing one dealer's "complete system" price to another dealer's complete system price, it's crucial that you identify and compare each and every part that's included in your system's quote.


For Example:


Dealer A. might include a complete permit submission package with a plot plan, roof layout, attachment details, electrical design diagram etc. while Dealer B might only include only an electrical design diagram.


Dealer A: Complete Permit Submission Package

Dealer B: Only A Electrical Design Diagram

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Dealer A might also include roof flashings or tiles hooks for their price while these expensive items are an option from Dealer B.


Dealer A: Tile Hooks Or Flashings

Dealer B: Tile Hooks Or Flashings Are Optional






Dealer A might also offer a customized racking layout for your unique roof while Dealer B only offers fixed rows with the panels only in a portrait layout.


Dealer A: Customized Racking Layout

Dealer B: Only Fixed Rows In Portrait Layout Or It Will Cost You More.




What may be included in one dealer's price and is an option in another dealer's offering can mean a difference of thousands of dollars for these add-ons.




Always ask your dealer to provide a written quote. Always look for the quantity, brand and model of the solar modules, inverter, mounting racks and associated hardware such as mounting clips, nut and bolts, L brackets, flashings, tile hooks as well as crucial documents such as a complete permit submission package.


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