Mitsubishi Electric’s photovoltaic modules are engineered for extended use in environments with extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Their panels utilize poly-silicon technology and are known for their high reliability, high-efficiency, and low environmental impact. All of Their modules feature a 25-year limited warranty on power output and are designed to deliver you trouble-free electricity for years to come.

Original Derating Design Concept

Mitsubishi Electric’s original de-rating design concept reduces the electrical stress of each electrical component by the rated value for actual use time, lowering the product failure rate and ensuring reliability in the long term.

Straight Tabs

Expansion of solar cell string pitch and adoption of newly developed straight tabs combine to eliminate stress on the tab wiring, ensuring dependability over the long term.

High Efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric is dedicated to bringing you the latest in solar electric technology. Their state of the art research and development facilities are constantly discovering new ways to improve PV module efficiency and performance to maximize the amount of electricity your solar system can produce.

Double-sided Independent Tabs

Mitsubishi Electric solar cells have separate connecting tab wiring between the front and back sides. This is an effective step toward optimization of connecting conditions, while curving cell warp to support the move toward thinner solar cells.

Reliable Bus Bar

Adoption of a structure that ensures ample distance between the bus bar and module frame helps prevent short circuits, insulation deterioration and other problems. It likewise curbs declines in power output caused by dust accumulated in the lower part of modules.

Lower Slope of Module Frame

Mitsubishi Electric module frames have been designed with a lower slope of 30% compared to traditional models. This innovation can provide a larger generation of power in cases where the modules are installed at lower angles, by preventing dust from accumulating in the frame area.

TD Series: Protection Bar

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a unique “Protection Bar” back side module. The combination of high-strength glass and Protection Bar can pass the static load test 5400 Pa of IEC61215 2nd edition. The Protection Bar also easily meets the requirements of 545 grams (1.18 pound) steel ball drop-testing from a height of 1.295 meters (51 inches).

Higher Tensile Strength Structure

A newly developed frame dramatically improves snow load resistance by enhancing tensile strength between the laminate and module frame.

Better Water Drainage Structure

In order to improve water drainage, we added holes on the edge of the frame back. Thanks to this improvement, the potentiality of moss or dirt accumulation and damage by water is considerably mitigated.

Eco Friendly

Mitsubishi Electric has made a commitment to protect the environment. They're are proud to be the first photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer to use lead-free solder in our modules.

High-corrosion Resistance of Frame

The module frame features anodized aluminum with clear coating — two pivotal steps toward high-corrosion resistance and reliable use even under truly severe environmental conditions.

Hollow-less Structure Frame

The frame is engineered with optimum thickness and structure, for improved bending strength.

UD Series: Four-Layer Structure Back Film

The newly developed PET type back film offers four-layer construction. This design greatly achieves maximum system voltage of 1000V, further improving the environmental characteristics of the module.





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