Install Too Large Of A Solar Panel On A Micro Inverter And You'll Not Only Be Wasting Power, You'll Also Be Wasting Your Money.


290 Watts In 240 Watts Out ?

Don't Do Me Any Favors.....

For example, several dealers are offering 290 Watt solar panels coupled with a 240 Watt micro inverter. Even though the manufacturer uses the number 250 in their part number their micro inverter only has a maximum continuous power rating of 240 watts.

What happens to this solar panel's extra 40 Watts ? Your guess is as good as ours. Even if you were to consider an average PTC watts rating of 260.1 watts, you would still have the potential losing 20.1 watts per solar panel because of this micro inverter's 240 watt continuous maximum limit.

That's a potential loss of 20.1 watts per panel or 522.6 watts per hour of exposure to peak sunshine in this 26 panel micro inverter installation.

In a world were solar panel manufacturers battle over even a fraction of a watt in improved performance, why in the world would you let some salesman talk you into throwing away 20.1 watts of potential power per solar panel ?

Wouldn't it make far more sense to connect your 290 watt solar panel to a 300 watt or larger inverter ?


Hmm ? 290 Watts in 240 Watts out ?

Must be one of those fuzzy math formulas that I heard
about when I was a kid in grade school.



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