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With over 16 years in the solar electric industry and more than fifteen thousand satisfied customers worldwide, we are the nations foremost distributor of renewable energy systems. From Africa to Germany and Alaska to the tip of Florida our customers have discovered the Discount Solar Supply advantage ! 

Here's a small sampling of some of our customers : 

The California Department of Transportation. (Caltrans)

The United State Marine Corp.

Phelps Dodge (One of the world's largest  mining company)

Unocal Corporation

Boeing Aircraft


The US Forestry Service

Coachella Valley Water District

The US Department of Agriculture

Wake Forest University

The Wildlands Conservancy

NASA Ames Research Center

The list goes on and on !

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STEP 1. Determine your average annual electrical consumption in kilowatt hours.

The size of a solar electric system has very little to do with the size of your home or the dollar amount of your electric bill. The size of a solar system is determined almost entirely by how many kilowatt hours you consume on average per month for a period of one year. The easiest way to determine your average kilowatt hours hour usage is to call your utility company and simply ask the representative what your average monthly kilowatt hours hour usage was for last year. Once you have this information then it's a simple matter to choose a solar system that will eliminate what ever portion of your usage that you wish to eliminate.

For example if your average monthly kilowatt hours hour usage is 1,000 kilowatt hours or kWh and you would like to eliminate half of your usage then you would want to choose a solar system that produces 500 kilowatt hours per month.


STEP 2. Compare your monthly average usage in kilowatt hours to the number of monthly kilowatt hours our systems produce.

On our system catalog page  you will find a list of all of the pre-designed grid tie systems that we offer.

Here's What Each Kit Description Looks Like :






2.115 kW




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In the far left hand corner, you'll find each system size posted in DC kilowatts for each system. If you point your mouse at a particular system size, the monthly average kilowatt hour production will appear based on 5 hours of peak sunshine per day. Point at the system size in the above example and this system's average monthly kilowatt hour production will appear.

Simply compare your monthly consumption to the amount of energy production that each system produces until you find a system that will eliminate the percentage of your bill that you want to eliminate.


STEP 3. Call us 1-844-359-5955 or email us at and provide us with your usage and how much of that usage you want to eliminate and we will help you choose a system and a local installation contractor. Once we have helped you choose an appropriately sized system, using satellite technology, we will determine whether or not your site is oriented in the proper direction, if the system will fit in the roof area that you have available and how the panels would be most efficiently laid out.

Once these factors have been determined we will then provide you with a list of experienced, local contractors that can provide you with a quote to install your system.

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