(Or The Never Ending Myth Of Solar Panel Efficiency.)


Does your solar dealer have you confused with performance claims that

simply don't add up ?


Ask most consumers what what a higher efficiency solar panel means and 9 times out of 10 they will answer "more power".

Unfortunately in the real world of solar panels, nothing could be further from the truth.

For example: One manufacturer claims "Our solar panels generate up to 50% more power than conventional solar panels."

Well then shouldn't their 327 Watt solar panel produce 490.5 Watts ?

Let's put it another way: If someone said "You get 50% more soda in our 12 ounce glass than our competitor's 12 ounce glass" wouldn't you expect 18 ounces of soda ?




Or how about the claim made by one of these manufacturers that "All watts are not created equal"

I'm sorry, but I seriously doubt that any solar panel manufacturer on the planet has the authority to re-write the laws of physics. No, a watt is a watt, period.

A 327 Watt lower efficiency solar panel puts out the same 327 Watts as a 327 Watt higher efficiency solar panel.

The only real difference between the two is that the 327 Watt high efficiency solar panel will have smaller dimensions than the 327 Watt lower efficiency solar panel.

With the exception of a small advantage in low light conditions for the higher efficiency solar panel, both panels will put out the same amount of power despite their efficiency ratings.

Let's say that this manufacturer could could break the laws of physics and make their Watt produce more power than another manufacturer's watt, what about the price ? How much more would you have to pay for their more powerful watts ? and how would that affect your return on investment ?

Here's the reality, A Watt is a Watt, no matter how much spin, a solar panel manufacturer's marketing department wants to throw at the consumer.

And without mentioning any names, we can assure you that you will pay nearly double for that manufacturer's solar panel with it's smaller dimensions than you will for a solar panel with a higher PTC to STC ratio (Real world performance according to the California Energy Commission's PTC rating criteria) from Solar Home.

So the real question is this: Is it worth it to pay nearly double for solar panels that will save you some space on your roof when those solar panels will produce basically the same amount of power as another high quality, lower cost solar panel ?

We don't think so...




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