You've Done Some Electrical Work, Maybe Some Roofing And Carpentry And You've Dreamed Of Saving Thousands Of Dollars By Installing Your Own Solar Electric System....

We Can Help !





SolarEdge's Advanced Design Provides For A Much Safer Installation.

With SolarEdge's new, advanced SafeDC system, solar panel voltage is limited to only 1 Volt per solar panel during the installation process. So at the end of a 15 panel string for instance, the installer is only dealing with a safe 15 volt level when connecting to the inverter.

The high voltage DC is passed to the wires that are connected to the inverter only after the connections to the inverter are completed and the system is turned on. This innovation limits the installer's exposure to high voltage DC during the installation process which makes for a much safer installation when compared to conventional string inverter technology.

In addition, SolarEdge's built in arc fault detection circuitry protects against high voltage arcs that can develop due to loose connections.





We've helped thousands of customers all over the U.S. to install their own solar electric systems.

We provide:

1. Free system design.

2. Free roof or ground layout design.

3. Free rebate document processing assistance.

4. Free single line diagram.

5. Free assistance with system design modifications to meet your site specific needs.

6. Free utility connection agreement document completion assistance.

7. Free referral to a local electrician for your final electrical hookup to the utility grid.

8. Free assistance in dealing with your local municipality inspection requirements.

9. Free system specification documentation for permit submissions.

In other words we're here assist you in every way we can through the entire process. 


Mitsubishi Solar Edge Grid Tie Solar Kit






Discount Solar Supply always recommends that you hire a licensed electrician to perform any electrical connection to your home or business' electrical service panel.


Please Read Our DIY Safety Recommendations Here

Many states as well as local municipalities permit the home owner to perform a self installation of a solar electric system as long as the system is installed according to current NEC electrical codes. Although this may be permitted, Discount Solar Supply highly recommends that the installation of any and all electrical portions of a solar system installation be performed only by a licensed electrician.

Installation of a solar electric system exposes the installer to voltages and currents that are considered lethal and can cause injury or even death if not installed properly. The decision to self install any part of this system is entirely up to the consumer's discretion. Discount Solar Supply assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, consequential or incidental, which might arise out of the installation or use of any of or solar electric products. Self installation of any of the solar electric products that are sold by Discount Solar Supply shall be entirely at the user's risk.


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